Canfranc Canfranc with Josefine Swärm

Together with the Swedish runner Josefine Swärm we are arranging a stunning trip to one of the worlds toughest ultra trail running races, Canfranc Canfranc. This is an extraordinary race with demanding trails and incredible beautiful nature. There are several race distance options; 100k, 75k, 45k and 16k which makes it perfect if you are a group of runners with different levels and ambitions.

Josefine is a passionate runner, running coach and influencer who spreads happiness and inspire others to live active lives. She is a part of the Asics Frontrunner community and was awarded the title "Frontrunner of the year" 2017. Josefine is always on the look for new running challenges and adventures and can't wait to run the trail with you. Read more about Josefine here

Come with us, be inspired and experience some amazing days in this beautiful landscape with people who shares the same interest and passion for running!

Package price:
100K: Euro 525
75K: Euro 492
45K: Euro 453
16K: Euro 403

Companions who doesn't participate in the race: Euro 383

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About Canfranc:
Canfranc is a picturesque village close to the biggest alpine ski resort in Spain, Candanchú. You will stay at the beautiful and comfortable Hotel Real Villa Anayet.

6th-10th of September
Barcelona to Canfranc 6th of September
Canfranc to Barcelona 10th of September

What's included in the price
o Transport round trip Barcelona - Canfranc - Barcelona.
o Sign up & start fee to the race.
o Four nights accommodation at Hotel Real Villa Anayet breakfast included.
o Dinner together in Canfranc at evening of arrival (drinks not included).
o An unforgettable experience shared with Josefine Pampas Travel and all the other participants.

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to write to us:
Josefine Swärm

ELEVATION GAIN: 8.848 meters
TIME LIMIT:36 hours

Here you have a heart-stopping profile. It is not your electrocardiogram during the race, but the continuous up and downhills of the Ultra 100 kilometers Canfranc-Canfranc. It has two vertical kilometers and a double vertical kilomenter throughout the race, at the same time you will find many short, fast and technical up- and downhills. A race that accumulates nearly 9000 meters of positive cumulative gain in just 100 kilometers can’t have many flat stretches.

General information
A race as hard as beautiful. It is difficult to determine which of these two adjetives would be more appropriate. Its 8.848 meters of possitive cumulative gain offer us amazing landscapes of this route. It is a race with a high technical demand in most of its route, with more than 70% over the altitude of 2000 meters. We are facing a great challenge not suitable for all publics.

ULTRA TRAIL 100K Canfranc Canfranc gives you 6 UTMB-points

DISTANCE: 75 kilometers

ELEVATION GAIN: 6.500 meters
TIME LIMIT: 29 hours

Your heart will beat like this in the first climb. A constant up and downhill is the fastest way of going through the valleys for which this race takes place. Is the way to know Canfranc in the maximum time of 30 hours. There are peaks and valleys joined one after another until the end of the race, where the key is to reach the kilometer 68 with enough strenght when starts the last downhill.

General information
The “small” ultra of the Canfranc-Canfranc would be a race itself in many other places. With its 6500 meters of positive cumulaltive gain it is a highly alpine ultra for all those runners that do not dare with the Ultra 100km, but want to go through its valleys, peaks and lakes. Its 30 hours gives to the trail runners a breath for begining their journey in this type of races.

ULTRA 75K Canfranc Canfranc gives you 5 UTMB-points

DISTANCE:45 kilometers
ELEVATION GAIN: 3.910 meters
TIME LIMIT:12 hours

The tenth edition was the first one in which it was possible to make its original route in a complete way. The weather conditions and the terrain make difficult its completion if the conditions aren’t almost perfect. Its nearly 4000 meters of positive cumulative gain in 45 kilometers make it one of the most difficult and alpine marathons in Spain and Europe. With only four uphills, it will make enjoy to all who dare with it.

General information
It is a race that always have left a mark on the runner who has dared to run and enjoy it. It was the race from which all started, and still is the flagship along with the Ultra 100km. Here have won all the big names: Salva Calvo, Luis A. Hernando, Manuel Merilla, Óscar Pérez, Javi Domínguez, Sergio Gimeno, Jokin Lizeaga and Pablo Villalobos. Who will be the next that write her/his name between this names?

Marathon 45K Canfranc Canfranc gives you 3 UTMB-points

DISTANCE:16 kilometers
ELEVATION GAIN: 1.600 meters
TIME LIMIT:8 hours

This circular route reaches its culminating point at La Moleta peak, with 2572 meters of altitude. Perhaps, this is a good moment to catch your breath enjoying the sights. Between them you could make out Iserías lake, your next target. It starts the descent till you reach it, and then continues up to the Izas channel. The finish line awaits you approximately 5 km from here.

General information
Its 1559 m of positive elevation gain, and above all, its conditions of being a self-sufficiency race, gives an insight into the merit that means finalizing this race with success. We put the route and the organization, but it is left to the participant’s hands administrate their stregnth and provisions. With no doubt a challenge that deserves all the respect.

TRAIL 16K Canfranc Canfranc gives you 1 UTMB-points